Complex Bankruptcy Cases

Life is just too complicated. Have you been making this observation over and over recently? As debt problems close in on you, you may feel your financial troubles are even too complex for bankruptcy to solve them. Before you jump to this conclusion, Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, in Dallas encourages you to bring your case to our attention.

Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, Thrives On Challenge

We have a history and a reputation built on our ability to help people with special challenges file bankruptcy regardless of apparent hurdles. As a matter of fact, other bankruptcy lawyers in the Dallas and Plano area often send us their problem cases — and we have a high success rate untangling the messiest financial situations through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What makes a bankruptcy case complex? It usually means there is something more than the usual problems:

  • Too many debts
  • Too little income
  • An inability to repay existing debts under the current interest rates and repayment schedules

The extra complications may include one or more of the following:

  • When only one spouse files bankruptcy
  • When the trustee of the spouse who filed bankruptcy comes after the other spouse, seeking repayment of debts
  • When a would-be bankruptcy filer exaggerated income when obtaining a loan
  • When a creditor has filed a lawsuit
  • When a would-be bankruptcy filer owns multiple businesses
  • When a would-be bankruptcy filer earns variable income year after year
  • When a divorce is pending

Confront Your Debt Complexities Head-On

Whatever pressures you face, whatever mistaken actions you may have taken, or whatever straw broke the camel's back — prompting you to seek information about bankruptcy on the Internet — Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, invites you to inquire. Speak with one of our Texas attorneys and learn how we can help you reach your goal of true debt relief.

Contact us online, or call 214-979-7300 or 800-708-7716 to schedule a consultation.

Creditor Representation

If you are a creditor and one of your debtors with a complex case has filed bankruptcy, we can represent you. Olson Nicoud & Gueck always avoids conflicts of interest. Do not be intimidated or give up before seeking legal counsel.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.