Creditor Representation

We Are One Of Relatively Few Bankruptcy Law Firms Serving Creditors As Well As Debtors

One standout feature of Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, is our acceptance of creditor-side bankruptcy cases. While we handle many debtors' bankruptcy filings, we also advise creditors. By staying freshly experienced in both sides of bankruptcy law, we bring value to each client's bankruptcy matter.

We have knowledge of practical ways to protect the rights and interests of creditors even in complex cases. We often represent small real estate lenders at risk of significant losses due to a lender's bankruptcy filing.

Know Your Rights As A Lender — Protect Your Investments

Has a debtor serviced by your financing company filed bankruptcy? You may not be able to recover all that you stand to lose. Nonetheless, we have the skills necessary to discover ways to maximize your recovery through a debtor's reorganization and repayment plan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We can help ensure that your loans receive the highest priority ranking they deserve.

As an example of our skills in creditor representation, our attorneys can defend you when a court accuses you of having omitted required information on a mortgage loan document. A lawyer or a judge may contend that the loan document is therefore invalid. Our lawyers have succeeded in overcoming such challenges on behalf of our creditor clients.

Once you make the commitment to work with Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, we can take action right away to protect your rights as a creditor in a bankruptcy matter.

Contact Our Dallas Law Offices To Learn How We Can Be Of Service To You, The Creditor In A Bankruptcy Filing

To schedule a consultation, contact us through this website, or call 214-979-7300 or 800-708-7716. Our bankruptcy lawyers serve Plano, the Mid-Cities and all of North Texas.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We also represent creditors in bankruptcy cases.