Stop Collection Phone Calls

What causes well-meaning, honest people to consider bankruptcy as a form of debt relief? Sometimes it is because of one too many debt collection phone calls.

Debtors living hundreds or thousands of years ago may have faced tough consequences but they did not have telephones. Your home phone or your cellphone is an important lifeline to friends, families and the community. You should not have to fear answering your phone in your own home or private time. This is one of the reasons bankruptcy is an effective form of debt relief for people of all walks of life.

A Little Background About Bankruptcy

The U.S. Constitution mentioned bankruptcy for good reasons. Our country's founders did not want to see debtors be enslaved or sent to debtors' prisons. Likewise, ancient religious texts describe relief for debtors that resembles today's Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You will be in good company if this is the form of debt relief that meets your needs.

Filing bankruptcy triggers the automatic stay, a legal provision that prevents creditors from seeking to collect on their debts by any means of communication. They will no longer be allowed to call you at all hours demanding payment of debts you cannot repay.

Have You Had Enough Trouble Already? Stop Collection Phone Calls At Home And At Work.

Were you faithfully keeping up with your credit card bills — only to lose your second job? Were you injured in a car accident or diagnosed with cancer? Did your house burn down or did your business collapse? Whatever brought you to the point of considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you owe it to yourself to learn how bankruptcy, a legal and often wise choice of a debt relief option, can rescue your situation and offer you a fresh start. Free yourself from high-pressure phone calls, threatening letters, or the fear of wage garnishment or bank account levies.

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Creditor Representation

If you are a creditor, Olson Nicoud & Gueck, LLP, can advise and represent you when you stand to lose a great deal in a bankruptcy case. Is it worth your while to seek to lift the automatic stay affecting your collection efforts? Contact a lawyer at our law offices to request an analysis of your interests and rights.

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